Annual network meeting summing the year up- 10- 11th of December 2009, Kunbábony

ProNet network held its annual network meeting at the end of the year in the Community House of the Civil College in Kunbábony as it has become a tradition over the last years.
All workgroups and also the network as a whole evaluated their own annual activities. This year 2009 was our most plentiful year with the most professional achievements. All of our projects were well prepared planned and coordinated the activities of our 4 workgrous were balanced. New initiatives based on real needs, expereince sharing, learning from each other and co- operation were in the focal point of our activities. Our fundrasing technics has further developed.
We evaluated the year in accordance with our eastablished network monitoring and also analised the operation of our internal evaluation system. We outlined undertakings, conferences and plans for the next year. We talked about the future of RCPH foundation and about our participation in the Alliance for the Community Participation Association. We also handed out the November thematic issue of phValue. 
We held the proNet Christmas with presents and formal dinner in the eveneing.
Picture gallery about the meeting.