Basic documents of proNet

Operational Principles of the proNet (below)

A proHáló értékelési, monitoring, és kontrolling rendszere

A proHáló hálózat tagszervezetei és elérhetőségeik

ProNet program was initiated by 18 inland non- profit organisations in 2003. The further operation is determined by the the network’s former experiences  accumulated in the last five years. 


Operational Principles summarise and organise both the internal and the external professional, ethic and co- operation norms of proNet.


1. Mission  

ProNet promotes the development of Hungarian non- profit sector by its quality services, development viewpoint and quick, flexible respond to real needs.


2. Its’ aims

Development of partnership and initiation of networking within the non- profit sector. Contribution to the creation and dynamic development of a concious sector. Initiation and realisation of community development processes.

·          Network members encourage self- organisation, support creation of non- profit communities and help them with necessary information.

·          Promote co- operations between sectors, especially connection building with local sel- governments. As a result support participation of citizens and their organisations in local strategy building and decision making. 

·          Creating partnerships by planning and realising programs in order to strengthen proNet and make it operable in a long run.


3. ProNet members and partners in co- operation

ProNet is a network of non- profit organisations which have regional, county, micro- regional or settlement level co- ordinator and development activity.


Co- operating partners and supporters

Co- operating partners could be all of those individuals, legal entities and their organisations with or without legal entity which accept the aims of proNet and are ready to support the realisation of these aims by financial or other means, based on mutual interests. The Network Board –after it had received a request from a potential partner- decide about the way of co- operation and the co- operation contract together with the potential partner (with the Network Meeting’s additional approval).

4. Network members and network structure

For Civil Organisations of the Lowland


Civil Organizations’ Association of FejérCounty


Lifetree Environment Protection Association


First Development Corporation of Nyírség


Eastern- Hungarian Community Service Foundation


Community Developers’ Association of Békés


Handicapped People’s Helping Each Other Association


Educator’s House Organization


Regional Civil Centre Foundation


Unite Way Environs of Vértes Foundation


For the Civil Network of Veszprém Public Benefit Association


For the Civil Activity of Zala Public Benefit Association



5. Network values and expectations from network members 

ProNet members have defined and accepted those quality requirements and tasks which determine the conditions of membership and the conditions of usage of „proNet” trademark. These are the following:

5/1. Quality content of „proNet” trademark


Network members aspire to plan and realise quality development and support programs which are initiated from the needs of non- profit organisations and based on co- operation.


Members have a continuous, reliable, methodized, high standard activity and work in  co- operation. The realisation of common programs is based on previous agreements.


Next to their self- evaluating, monitoring and controling activity, members authenticate the activity of the network by their own operation.

Co- operation

In accordance with the strategic aims, connection system is continuously develop between members and also on network level. Ethical requirements within the network are to respect each other’s activity, effective co- operation in order to achieve network goals and generative participation in planning and realising community processes of the network.



The network is open, aspirant to co- operate and acceptant towards ambitions which renew its’ activity.



The network’s and also the member organisations’ activity is independtent from any political party in order to strengthen the non- profit sector’s self- identity.




Regular participation in network activities is a requirement from all member organisations.



5/2. Network level and member’s level quality activity

All proNet member has to take part in netwok operation actively and have to submit their professional knowledge and experiences to any other member organisations. Quality network activity in order to supply and develop non-profit services is the most important link.

Therefor each proNet member:

·          Joins the network as an organisation and becomes network member based on substantive, written decision of the leadership of the given organisation,

·          Informs the leadership of the organisation about the network activity regularly in a substantive form,

·          Represents its proNet membership on each public occasion and on each network related materials,

·          Names „non- profit services” as organisational activity in its’ basic document,

·          Is represented in each network meetings in order to support the networks’ substantive operation- including decision making processes which are related to member organisations,

·          Is an active initiaitve and/ or an active co- operative partner in at least one network level program,

·          Gives place to network level programs as a host at least every second year,

·          Co- operates successfully with at least three other network member organisations,

·          Participates in at least one of the proNet workgroups’ activity,

·          In its geographical area, contributes to publication of proNet activities and achievements and supports the adaptation of expereinces,

·          Publish its own programs which link to network aims on the homepage as it is defined by the Network Meeting.

The most important aim and motivation factor of proNet is the development of its own professional activity and connections in the following areas:


·          Information giving,

·          Counselling,

·          Trainings,

·         Community development programs in order to support co- operations in regional, county, micro- regional and settlement level,

·          Network building,

·          Creating regional co- operations,

·          Ensuring network communication, publicity, marketing and PR,

·          Publications,

·          Organising study visits.


6. To join in the network

ProNet aspires to quality network building. The network has an interest in having a rich professional connection system therefor is open towards organisations which accept operational principles and are interested in joining.

The followings are necessary to join in the netwok.


For the application:


·          Declaration of intention about accession and about aceptance of operational principles of proNet,

·          References about the applicant organisation,

·          Written recommendation of one of the proNet member organisations.


For accepting application:

·          Undertaking tasks for one year,

·          Written opinion about the applicant organisation from one of the proNet member organiations which works on the same field or same geographical area,

·          Susccesful monitoring and final evaluation.


The Network Meeting decides about acceptance of applications on the bases of final evaluation

approved by the Network Board.


7. Co- operation with other networks

ProNet aspires to co- operate with other professional inland or international organisations.



These above mentioned principles were accepted by the Network Meeting on the 16- 17th of April 2009, in Eger.