Learning from each- others' experiences

The delegated members of civil round tables of Kecskemét have gone to Székesfehérvár and Szombathely to learn and study in a frame of a three- day long study visit.
Firstly, they were familiarising the civil round tables’ activities in Székesfehérvár. The colleagues of the Service Centre of Fejér County which is member organisation of the proNet’s team has hosted them. They have showed the micro- regional activities in the frame of community weekends and local achievements in a very eventful presentation. Elekes Rita has talked about a playground which was created in a residential district by the initiation of the civil roundtable. Kovács György and Kriston Renáta have talked about services and civil co- operations. The study visit served an interesting experience by comparing the operation of informal round tables with associated round tables in Szombathely. We have concluded that both ways could be operable. It is essential to generate and promote co- operations by means of initiative people and organisations.
We thank these pleasurable experiences to our civil friends.
Budai Kati
For the Civil Organisations of the Lowland Foundation, Kecskemét